Fridge Repair

We get many calls every day stating;
• The refrigerator is not working
• My fridge is not cooking as it needs to
• The doors of the fridge will not close appropriately no matter how hard I attempt
• There is some troubling sound originating from my refrigerator
• The thermostat in our fridge has stopped functioning
And a lot more alarming messages.
When you have a problem with your refrigerator, no matter how little it is, it can negatively affect the food you have stored in it; for this reason, you may end up counting losses or going hungry. We know this, and this is why we are dedicated to providing fast, dependable, and highly economical refrigerator repair services.

The main causes of refrigerator repair

Here are a few of the most typical causes of refrigerator issues that we have figured out.

1. Thermostat failure- when the thermostat or the cold control stops working, it triggers ineffectiveness in cooling; thus the typical performance of the appliance will be extremely jeopardized.

2. Overload– your refrigerator has a particular capacity. If you stock foods beyond this capacity, the compressor will not totally run; thus triggering a failure of the whole system.

3. Drainage stoppage- when you see water pooling at the bottom of your refrigerator, the most common culprit is a drain stoppage. This is a concern that our technicians can solve in minutes.

4. Failure of defrost heaters

5. Relay failure- when this happens, the compressor will partially or completely fail, and cooling will not happen.

What we can do

To us, it doesn’t matter what has triggered the issue with your refrigerator. We are equipped with the current innovation that helps us identify the cause of the problem in your appliance, figure out the series of repair alternatives available, and pick one that matches your needs and your spending plan.
The reason why we have won lots of awards for many years is that our services are total, and we will never refer you to another professional because an issue has ended up being too complex for us to resolve. If other service providers have informed you that the problem with your refrigerator is too big to resolve, bring it to us, and we shall do what we can to repair it.

We encourage you when to replace

Often, the appliances in our premises get damaged, and it ends up being difficult to fix them. Here are some instances where we shall advise you to replace your fridge;
• When your refrigerator is too old, and always present problems
• When you have to deal with the same problem now and then
• when the repair cost will be more than the cost of replacement (though this is highly unlikely).
We are a fridge repair professional who takes client interests before our own. Therefore, we will not take your refrigerator for a week, and attempt to fix it if the issue cannot be repaired. Keep in mind, we will not charge you for a service we have not offered. For that reason, when we recommend you to replace, we will not charge you a cent. The suggestions come free of charge!

Affordability is key.

A refrigerator is one appliance that gets faulty at its own time. It does not provide you a caution. You awaken in the early morning to get something for breakfast when you open it, you are welcomed by a foul smell. We know that you don’t have money you had set aside for refrigerator repair, and this is the reason we present the most competitive pricing technique in the market.
When we evaluate your issue, we will discuss it with you. Since we have a range of repair choices for every problem, we will have the ability to provide you with a complimentary price quote that conforms to your budget.
Trying to find a refrigerator repair expert who will provide you with extremely tailored solutions? Pick up your phone and call us, or request a callback. We shall provide assistance in less than 24 Hrs.